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What is the one “must-have” product in your home for security?

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Many people ask us what the one thing we recommend most for home security is, and it’s an easy answer: a safe. But not just any safe, a secure safe. You might think that’s an obvious and unnecessary stipulation and that safes are, by definition, secure. But unfortunately, that’s far from the truth.


A safe is the No. 1 key to protecting all of your valuables, from the smallest family heirloom ring, to a hunting rifle, so you need a safe that will protect those valuables from any danger, including theft and fire. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that not all safes are created equal. We would never recommend that you by a safe from your local big box store, and it’s not just because we want you to bring your business to us. (Although we wouldn’t complain if you did!)


Big box stores sell common safe brands such as Sentry, which can be pried open fairly easily and are made with plastic — yes, you read that right, plastic! I think it’s fair to assume that you are like me and do not want your safe to be broken into or melted in a fire. Reviews of Sentry safes include stories like “The house was broken into and the safe was opened using a hammer. Everything is gone!!! Thieves broke into Sentry safe stole everything. They use pry bars on the door separated the door broke the welds from the inner door and bent the lock mechanism to open.” Another review says, “The chest was dropped onto a thickly carpeted floor from a height of about 4 feet: the locked top popped right off! On examination, we discovered that though the locked latch held, the hinge had broken.”


At All Secure Lock & Security, we are proud to offer only the best safes in the industry, which come from American Security.


American Security safes can withstand fires of up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit for two hours and have an Underwriter’ Laboratory (U.L.) rating of Class 350°F-two hour. This means that at temperatures as high as 1850 degrees for up to two hours (The average house fire burns at a temperature of 1200 degrees.), the temperature inside the safe doesn’t exceed 350 degrees. That may seem like a high temperature, but even paper requires a temperature of 405 degrees to char.


American Security safes are also tested for their ability to withstand falls and can handle a 30-foot drop onto concrete, the equivalent of falling through a two-story burning building.


And in American Security safes, you won’t find plastic! Instead, valuables are protected behind a 3.5-inch recessed door with a 5/8-inch thick front and the hinges are made of heavy-duty steel.


To top this all off, American Security offers the best warranty in the business: one year on parts and labor and lifetime fire.


If you want to learn more about the benefits of an American Security safe and the variety of safes we offer, give us a call or stop in to our shop and we’ll be happy to help you get your valuables protected!

Prevention is Key to Keeping Burglars from Having a Happy Holiday Courtesy of Your Valuables this Season

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

The holiday season in upon us! It’s time to hang festive lights inside and out, attend holiday parties galore, shop and wrap countless gifts, and head out of town to visit friends and family.  Tis the season, indeed. But did you know it’s also open season for home burglars?

 According to the FBI, a whopping 400,000 burglaries occur in the United States during the months of November and December alone. How can you protect yourself and your valuables? Learn about the anatomy of a burglar, and remember to follow a few common sense tips, along with some less obvious advice to ensure the security of your home. 

 The anatomy of a burglar

A favorite ruse of a would-be burglar is to get a lay of the land. They might be a contractor you’ve hired, or pose as a friendly guy looking for directions, offering to shovel the driveway, or clean the gutters. Opening the door offers a great opportunity to take a peek inside. If you’re not expecting someone, try asking who’s there through the door and give  firm “no” to whatever good or service is being offered. 

 Burglars also enjoy a twilight walk through the neighborhood to get a good look in your windows before you draw your shades to see what valuables live inside: flat-screen TVs, gaming systems, and computers are all favorites.  

What are a would-be burglar’s favorite sights? How about an un-shoveled, pristine driveway, a sales flyer hanging on the door for longer than a day, or a pile of newspapers at the end of your driveway? All are clear signs of an out of town family.

Don’t forget the obvious!

The best prevention for a would-be burglar is to remember lock your doors, close your garage, and set your alarm system EVERY time you leave the house! Daytime is as good a time as nighttime for a break-in.

You should also get to know your neighbors. Build a relationship whereby you agree to exchange mobile numbers and provide travel dates. You and your neighbors can create footprints on your snow-covered driveway (or better yet shovel it!) and take in each other’s newspapers and mail. Rely on each other to report suspicious behavior, especially if you know the other is out of town. 

A bit of prevention and watchful eyes on the street go a long way toward protecting the neighborhood.

Learn a few not-too-obvious tips

Here are a few tips that can increase the security of your home:

  • Avoid announcing you’re going out of town for the holidays on Facebook. It isn’t difficult to find your home address in a directory.
  • Make sure to store extra car and house keys inside the house-it’s all too easy for a robber to breach your garage, move inside, and leave in your car.
  • Keep your shrubbery and bushes well trimmed to prevent an easy hiding spot.
  • Utilize adequate outdoor lighting. Front, side , and back porch lights are a great deterrent, and motion-activated lights in the backyard are even better.

Your final line of defense

The above tips will go a long way to keep a burglar outside your home, but if the worst happens, you can still protect your valuables.

  • Burglars are least likely to look for valuables in your children’s room, so consider storing a safe high in the back of a child’s closet.
  • Keep in mind though, if the safe isn’t bolted it can be removed! Out of sight and bolted down is the best practice.
  • Maintain an inventory of your electronics, along with the serial numbers. Keep a record of the date of purchase, original value, and serial numbers.
  • For heirloom items and antiques, keep a photographic or video record of each piece.

While you make sure to enjoy the festivities the family time the holidays have to offer, don’t forget Benjamin Franklin’s quote, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

4 Keys to Keeping Your Home and Valuables Safe

Friday, November 6th, 2015

When it comes to ensuring that your future is safe, the first thing that likely comes to mind is financial security. We all want to make sure we are making the right financial decisions for our future, to retirement and beyond. Part of financial security is in diversifying your assets, as financial planners will tell you.

 And when it comes to another aspect of creating a secure future — literally securing the things in your life — diversity is again important.

 At All Secure Lock & Security, we like to stress the importance of having a security portfolio, so to speak. There are four parts to creating a diverse security portfolio that protects your family, home and valuables: locking, arming, watching and securing. So what does this mean?

 Locking: Simply put, locks are not enough. However, locks are your first line of defense and are an absolute necessity in protecting anything you care about, from your home, to your firearm to your irreplaceable family heirlooms.

 Arming: Locks don’t work if they aren’t locked. This might seem like it goes without saying, but unfortunately, too many homes are broken into and too many valuables are stolen simply because it was easy enough for a thief to get them — thanks to locks being unlocked.

 And like locks, security systems can be invaluable, but they have to be armed. Fortunately for people in the Denver area, All Secure Lock & Security makes this easy. We offer home and business security systems that can be armed through a wall panel as you head out the door, or even from your phone. The latter can be especially handy if you want to let someone into your house when you aren’t there, but don’t want them to have a key. These systems can also be sophisticated enough to turn on lights, raise blinds and sense motion or glass breaking.

 Watching: Yes, we are lucky to live in a time when we can be thousands of miles away and video chat with a loved one, but we are also lucky to live in a time when we can be 2 or 2,000 miles away from home and watch what’s happening there. Placing cameras in your home and around the perimeter lets you and law enforcement get a good sense of what’s going on and swiftly act accordingly. Whether a nanny cam in a teddy bear or clock makes sense for you, or a motion sensor camera over each entrance to your home is what you need, we can set that up for you. Not only are in-home cameras great for checking in to make sure everything is OK, but they also come in handy when you just want to see whether a package was left.

 Securing: Hiding your valuables is not good enough. Burglars will look under mattresses and in sock drawers — you are not being sneaky by hiding things there. And in reality, if someone is going to ransack your home, there’s a good chance they’ll find your other hiding spots too. It’s important to have a good safe in your home — one that bolts to the ground. We offer safes in a wide variety of sizes that have great fire ratings of 30 to 120 minutes.

 Now when we say you need to get a safe, we mean a good one. Don’t pick one up on your next trip to a big box store. Those tend to have plastic inside and be made of pop metal. Those can be broken into, and it’s not hard to do. Trust us. We sell safes that are made of at least ½-inch-thick steel with poured concrete inside and are pry-resistant. All Secure Lock & Security is proud to sell American Security safes that have a lifetime warranty against for attacks and fires so you can trust the security of your most valuable items.

 To learn more about how you can ensure a well-diversified security portfolio for your home, business, vehicle and valuables by locking, arming, watching and securing them, contact us today.