Property Management

All Secure Lock and Security simplifies the complex task of maintaining on-site security for property managers, landlords, and business and maintenance companies throughout the Denver Metro area. Dealing with an ongoing stream of new owners and tenants and broken locks and doors means wasted time and money.

We offer a variety of master keying systems that allow for a master key to operate multiple locks assigned with unique keys. Whether you manage an office building, school, hospital, or other multi-unit facility, we can implement a convenient, secure system designed to maximize the safety of your property.

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Security Tip: Tired of carrying around a huge ring of keys for each unit you manage?  Or even worse getting to a property only to realize that you grabbed the wrong key for the unit!  A Master Key System may be just your solution!  You will have one key that will open all of your units and each tenant will have their own key that only works on their unit.  When that tenant leaves, we come in a rekey that unit, your key still works and the new tenant gets a fresh key that no one else has had before.  Now that’s keeping you ALL SECURE!


From Your Business, To Your Home, To Your Car We’ll Keep You… All Secure!