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4 Ways to Boost Your Home Security on a Budget

Thursday, April 27th, 2017


Written By Kenny Kline  4 Ways to Boost Your Home Security on a Budget

Here’s your terrifying stat for the day: FBI data suggests a burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the U.S.

This doesn’t mean you need to lie awake at night with a baseball bat clutched to your chest. But it does mean it’s important to acknowledge that home burglaries can happen to anyone, anywhere.

Regardless of whether you rent or own, it’s important to take steps to protect your home’s security before a burglary occurs. But many people fail to do so because they believe that it won’t happen to them or that home security systems are prohibitively effective.

The FBI stat disproves the first assumption, and the following strategies will disprove the second. It is possible to enhance your home’s security even on the tightest budget. Here’s how.

Lock it up.

One of the simplest and cheapest home security strategies around is to simply keep your home’s doors and windows locked. But not all locks are created equal. Enhance the security of your locks by making sure all your doors are equipped with heavy-duty dead bolts and reinforced strike plates. (You can do this with a cheap one-time investment.) Also make sure to secure sliding doors by inserting a wooden rod in the door’s track to prevent anyone from sliding it open from the outside. And don’t forget to outfit your windows with sturdy locks and always close and lock windows before leaving the house.

Reduce sightlines.

Most burglars prefer to get a sense of the layout and content of a home before they go through the effort of breaking in. If you constantly leave large windows uncovered, this provides easy sightlines for would-be burglars to case the property. You can inhibit these views by fitting all of your windows with curtains or blinds (and keeping your most valuable items away from windows in the first place). As an added bonus, keeping the shades drawn makes it more difficult for burglars to determine whether or not anyone is home.

Maintain human presence.

Research has found that most home burglaries happen between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. This makes sense when you consider that people are most likely to be at work during these hours. Short of quitting your job and barricading yourself in the house all day every day, you can help enhance your security on the cheap by creating either the illusion or the reality of human presence during the day. For example, you might set the TV to randomly turn on throughout the day, leave a second car parked in the driveway, schedule housecleaners or landscapers to do their work during those hours, and so on.

Embrace the light.

Lighting is one of the simplest and most effective ways to deter criminals, and enhancing your home security through interior and exterior lighting can be done for cheap. Here are a few proven lighting strategies:

  • Conduct a “lighting audit” on your home by standing outside at night. If you notice any areas that are especially dark or shadowy, those are strategic places to locate exterior lights
  • Purchase cheap sensors for your exterior lights that will trigger the lights to turn on when it gets dark outside
  • Invest in motion-activated lamps around your home’s entrances and exits. Solar-powered options now exist, so you can purchase these without increasing your electric bill
  • When it comes to interior lighting, purchase cheap plug-in timers for lamps and program the lamps to turn on during the night and/or while you’re away from home

Of course, no strategy can guarantee your home will be 100 percent burglar-proof. But these simple tips are tried-and-true approaches to enhancing home security without breaking the bank.

5 Security Gift Ideas for The Person Who Has Everything

Monday, November 21st, 2016

We all know those people who make us dread Christmas shopping, right? You know, the ones who seem to have everything?


Well, we can be pretty confident when we say that All Secure Lock & Security has a list of gift ideas that not only includes items in any price range, but also that your family and friends probably don’t have but will actually find useful. In some cases, they’ll end up being more helpful than you or they might imagine.


Shape Keys, $4.25 – Do you have a friend who likes to have everything personalized or making a statement? A key in a fun shape is the perfect, unexpected little gift that they’ll be able to use every day. With its low price-point, a shape key can is great as an add-on gift or for a White Elephant party or Secret Santa exchange. You can get the key cut, or they can. And we have something for everyone — really. Our colorful shape keys come in a variety of styles including an American flag, ice cream cone, fishing pole with a fish, a wine glass and so much more.


Ski Locks, $14.99 – Here in Colorado, we all know more than a few people who love to hit the slopes as long as there’s snow on the ground. Unfortunately, ski theft is a real thing that has to be dealt with, and police and resort officials recommend that people lock up their skis whenever they aren’t in use.  For less than $20, you can help the skiers in your life protect their pricey toys that make winter so fun.


Push Button Locks, starting at $99 – Imagine a world where you didn’t have to dig through your purse to find your house key, or guys, where you could have one less thing in your pocket. For a starting price of $99, you can give the gift of that reality to a loved one, thanks to our push button locks! The touchpad deadbolts that we offer from Schlage allow entry into your home through personalized code, work with Bluetooth technology and respond to Siri on iPhones and iPads for entry.  These locks hold up to 30 codes and have the highest security rating of the industry, and include an alarm to alert you to someone tampering with the door. All this means that with push button locks, you know your family member has easier entry into their home while also having a home that is more secure.


Ring Video Doorbell, $199 – The Ring Video Doorbell is a great second step to security (after locks, of course)  and makes a great gift because, not only does it provide more security to your loved one’s home or business, but it’s affordable and easy to install at any property, whether it be a business, single-family home, apartment or condo. The Ring Video Doorbell lets the property owner see who’s at their door and communicate with that person, no matter where in the world they are. Read more about the benefits of the Ring Video Doorbell here.


Burglary and Fireproof Safes, $999 (sale) – Whether documents, jewelry or guns, everyone has valuables that need to be protected from everything from fires to floods to burglary. Our American Security residential safes provide the security and peace of mind to know that valuables don’t end up destroyed or in the wrong hands. This AMSEC gun safe  is multipurpose because, in addition to providing secure storage for guns, it has shelves that make it ideal for storing other valuables as well, all in one place. It features a body that is fire-insulated and made of 14-gauge solid steel an illuminated keypad and 3/16-inch steel plate door with two layers of fire-insulating materials that help it withstand 1200-degree temperatures for 30 minutes.

For those looking for a smaller safe that has the best warranty in the business, we’ve got this AMSEC safe. It has a 120-minute fire protection and is certified for burglary protection. This safe features a 4-5/8-inch thick composite door and 2-7/8-inch thick body made of double steel walls.


Come see us at our store on the corner of 64th and Ward Road in Arvada, or give us at a call at 303-667-2736 for more details about any of these gift ideas or to find out how else we might be able to help you check off friends and family on your gift list this season!

Security Specialist/Locksmith to help keep West Denver safe!

Friday, August 19th, 2016

Are you a stellar locksmith with at least one year of experience and basic knowledge and skills in commercial, residential and automotive locksmithing?

Even better, are you a standout with knowledge in access control, cameras, alarms, safes or networking?

Or do you want a career in the locksmith and security industry?  We can train the right person!

Do you have a clean background, valid drivers license and good driving record?

Are you available for on-call work and Saturday rotations?

Are you looking to start a full-time locksmith job today?

Then we want you to join our exceptional team at All Secure Lock & Security in beautiful Arvada, Colorado!

What will you get in addition to a “secure” job with awesome people and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping clients keep their families and most precious possessions safe?

  • Competitive pay based on experience
  • Bonuses as we reach our goals. (We aren’t kidding — last year we gave out $20,000 in bonuses!)
  • Retirement plan options
  • The appreciation for hard work that comes with working at a family owned and operated company
  • The opportunity to work in and around beautiful Arvada, Colorado, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains
  • The opportunity to drive a modern van with smartphone dispatching


If you like what we have to offer and believe you are the superstar locksmith that we’re looking for, call us today at 303-667-2736!

Why Your Duplicate Key From a Hardware Store Doesn’t Work

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

We see it all the time: a discouraged person coming into our shop asking, “Why doesn’t my duplicate key from the hardware store work?” While this is a frustrating thing for those people, it’s fortunate for them that they are far from alone — and we can help. So why don’t duplicate keys from big box stores always work? Well, there are several reasons.

For one, keys are not their specialty. They are ours. Think of where the key cutter is in a big store and think of everything around it. Maybe you can’t even picture where the key cutter is. That wouldn’t be surprising! When you want something done well, wouldn’t you rather go to an expert? Yes, you might think it’s convenient to pick up a key while shopping for a handful of completely unrelated items, but how worth it was that convenience when that key doesn’t get you into your house and you need to have the specialist fix it anyway?

At the big hardware stores, employees may know how to use the key-cutting machine, yet rarely have the opportunity to use it, so they don’t know or may forget the nuances of the machine and how to make sure keys are perfectly aligned and what it takes to create the perfect duplicate.

Because we are specialists in key cutting, our machines are of the utmost importance to our business and are top-of-the line. What you will find in a hardware store isn’t likely to be as good. In addition, no one at a big box store is necessarily paying attention to the maintenance of the machine, whereas we routinely calibrate our key cutter.

big box keys vs our keys

Can you spot the difference between the two keys? We can!

When it comes to cutting duplicate keys, precision is everything. As the photo shows, the key on the left was made by a big box store and on the right is ours. The big box key has the cuts too deep and too far back on the blade of the key. When you put a key into a lock, the pins inside the lock are supposed to fall into the valleys of the key creating a shear line at the top of the cylinder, which allows the cylinder to turn and unlock the lock.

So what are causes of a duplicate key gone wrong?

  • It’s incorrectly cut. Look at it. Are the valleys the same depth, or are they different, as in the photo? Do the lengths of the grooves and shoulders of the keys match up?
  • The incorrect blank was used. Keys will typically have a short number on the head. Does the number of one key match the other? With car keys, was the right type of car key used? The make and model of the vehicle needing a duplicate key is important.
  • The original key was damaged. Was there something about the original key that could prevent a perfect duplicate from being made? If it’s bent, rusted, or otherwise damaged, that could be your problem.
  • The duplicate was cut from a copy of a copy … of a copy. After about five generations of a key, duplicates can have picked up several flaws along the way and eventually, new copies won’t work.

No matter what you suspect to be the cause of an unusable duplicate key, come see us at All Secure Lock & Security and let the experts take care of it.

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Monday, November 2nd, 2015

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