These guys are lifesavers! My car was broken into and I thought they had broken something off in my ignition in an attempt to steal my car since my key would only go halfway in. The dealership quoted me $500 saying they would have to replace my entire ignition, so I looked into other options, and wanted a second opinion. They looked at my ignition and said that there was luckily nothing stuck inside of it, it had just somehow been jammed in the second position. They fixed it, made me a spare valet key and had me on my way in about 20 min, and charged me 25$. They were very personable, knowledgeable, and helpful, and I would recommed them to anyone.

Ben and Co. were just the best. Friendly, smart, good prices, efficient.  I could not have asked for a better experience.  They cut a couple of keys for me, and by the way I was treated, you would have thought I was spending thousands.  Super comfortable experience.

I would HIGHLY recommend All Secure Lock & Security to anyone. Period.

"Very, very nice. Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful. Ben was just wonderful. I would absolutely recommend him to everyone I know. Thank you so much for recommending him to me."

"Ben was so fast and professional on my Arvada house that I invited him up to rekey my Evergreen home the next day."

"These guys ROCK! I guess they normally give a 3-hour window. But I asked Ben if I could get a 2-hour window and he said, "absolutely!". My window was 10 am to noon. At 9:58 am, Allan? Aaron? (can't remember his name) pulls up. Who does that? I'll tell you. NO ONE! Note to service providers: timeliness is greatly appreciated. I had work done on 7 locks and they're working like buttah. I would absolutely use these guys again."

"Allen was punctual and thoroughly explained what need to be done. There was a part that needed to be ordered so he came back at a later date to install it. Very pleased with his service and customer service skills."

When beyond the call of duty to help us out, the job was a tough one and went way beyond the days work, but we were not charged extra. He stuck with the job till it was done in the freezing cold snow and rain. It was the best service I have ever had...

"Quick response, set appointment and kept it. The bill was less than quoted which was a very nice surprise."

"I lost my safe combo and they had my problem solved in less than an hour from when I called. Well worth the 30 bucks!!"

"I was having issues unlocking my car door. They were able to cut a new key perfectly so the locks would work again. Plus, it wasn't expensive. Awesome place and friendly people. Highly recommended."

"Great people, great prices. They fixed my flaky fob so I wouldn't have to buy a new one. Excellent service with a smile. Very recommended."

"My kids had jammed both locks on my car so I couldn't get my key into either door; so I couldn't lock the car at all. They quoted me $20 below everyone else per hour and didn't hit me with the 'Well we need to look and see and then we can tell you how much.'  I had four different places say almost exactly that. The price I was quoted was the price I paid."

"These Guys are great. We lost our key, the kind that has a chip in it, at Loveland ski area, I made several call to the local locksmith and talk about price gouging. I looked down and I had a flyer from All Secure locksmith, so I figured maybe they could give us a referal but they did better these guys Drove from Arvada and cut and program me a key on a sunday morning. and was about $100.00 cheaper than the local guys. All Secure Lock and Key are now programmed in my phone and G-mail, Thanks Again Guys!!"

"We had a security system put in by All Secure and we are very happy with it!!! We do feel "ALL SECURE" now. We were extremely impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. It was apparent that Ben and his staff have an honest desire to help you get the best products and service for your money at a competitive price. Thank you, Ben. I would highly recommend you."

"We brought in a key to make a couple of copies for locks in my wife's school. When my wife started using the "copies" she noticed that they worked better than the original. Thank You Ben and Rita! Highly recommend this outstanding local business."

"These guys are the real deal. Allen re-keyed our entire office for a master key setup. He was professional, friendly and very proficient. Allen also came to my house to make a new key for my truck. My old key was so worn and mangled it took him a few attempts but he got it perfect. I recommend these guys to everyone I know!"

"Thanks All Secure for your help when I needed a good Locksmith in Arvada. Fast and friendly, service. You are my security guys from now on!"

"Fast, friendly, professional service. They knew exactly what I needed and got everything done super quick. Thanks, All Secure!"

"Quick, professional service at a fair price. Saved my vacation. Thanks, Ben!!"

"Perfect fast a affordable"